Along the Pacific Coast Nordamerika

almost black and white

This is the first attempt for black and white pic­tures. But some are just almost … I decid­ed for them because their col­or was almost shad­ows of grey but I did­n’t change to black and white while prepar­ing them. Enjoy! I would love to hear some feed­back. Should I con­tin­ue or just STOP IT!


  1. Harriet Redlich

    Please con­tin­ue! What a large amount of the west coast of Amer­i­ca you cap­tured on film in such a short peri­od of time! And so beau­ti­ful!
    Har­ri­et from Petaluma

  2. Thank you Har­ri­et. That is so nice of you. I had such a bad day with my poor moth­er. She has so much anger in her and I am afraid that she might hurt some­one. That’s ter­ri­ble. And it’s awful to see her pain that makes her so angry.

  3. Def­i­nite­ly con­tin­ue! Some of these pho­tos are stun­ning!

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