I was asked for some bonus material

So I was look­ing and there will be three of them.
First pic­tures: from dif­fer­ent vol­canos and lava beds. It was strange to see that the pic­tures did­n’t catch the enor­mous dimen­sions that I was so over­whelmed. I saw from the most south vol­cano: Mount Lassen to the next: Mount Shas­ta. And so forth… In Port­land Mount Hood, the lava beds of the Colum­bia riv­er, Mount Adam, Mount St. Helens which lost its beau­ty 30 years ago. She was the round beau­ti­ful moun­tain who made Mount Adam and Mount Hood fight for. She is get­ting old­er 🙂 although she did­n’t want. You don’t know what I am talk­ing of? Read the sto­ry of Mount St. Helens I wrote before. It is in Ger­man and English!!!
See you!

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