what happened in the outback

I recent­ly decid­ed to write it not in one piece, I hope I can pre­pare some parts for the next days and you get fre­quent­ly news from me.
Before I start to write about past 8 days I have to say that I am lucky not look­ing into fur­ture and enjoy what I have now. So I did­n’t imag­ine how nice it is to be lazy in the morn­ing, sit­ting with a cup of cof­fee, going to toi­lett 3 times with­out any hur­ry. Oh I love Alice.

We start­ed in Ade­laide the Feb­ru­ary 4th. Phil and Hugh, the nice cou­ple where I staid in Ade­laide “promised” me that just the first day sounds inter­est­ing and I will be on the bus with loud, noisy, young British folks. But we were a fun­ny mix­ture. Fam­i­ly Früh­ling you were with me all the time (for all oth­ers: col­leagues of mine) we had 3 dutch peo­ple on board(couple and a woman), a brave japan­ese cou­ple, 3 swiss (1 cou­ple and 1 girl), 1 ger­man girl and we were 4 Aus­tri­ans (me, a cou­ple and a friend of them) The ages: 67,62, 54, 54, 47, 35, 34, 30, 30, 26, 23, 23, 19.
That’s how welooked like after 8 days togeth­er:
Group in Kings Canyon

Our guide was Tom. He is 25–30 years. A very nice and kind respect­ful per­son who cares for peo­ple and coun­try. Peo­ple like he will make Aus­tralia a bet­ter coun­try. He decid­ed to become guide to get to know the coun­try bet­ter which is a nice way to expe­ri­ence my home.

As we were a lot of old peo­ple: that’s the way we could remem­ber final­ly our names:

Names on the window
Names on the win­dow

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