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Rainforest 2 — Vancouver Island — Canada

Es reg­nete den ganzen Tag und 300 km auf Van­cou­ver Island sind weit­er als Wien-Inns­bruck.

Ich war müde und entschloss mich, einen Tag früher nach Van­cou­ver zu fahren, um dort die Reise ausklin­gen zu lassen.

Beim Stop­pen habe ich Lau­ra ken­nen­gel­ernt, deren Vater ein Ital­iener und ihre Mut­ter der First Nation der Ahousat ange­hört. Ihre Leute haben den Seeadler und die Seeschlange als ihre Totemtiere. Zum ersten Mal höre ich von ein­er Seeschlange als Totem.

Sie erzählte mir, dass bei Begräb­nis­sen immer ein Adler über­halb der Feier kreist. Sie selb­st hat­te einen ital­ienis­chen Vater und erst als sie erwach­sen war, fand sie zu den Tra­di­tio­nen ihrer Vor­fahren ihrer Mut­ter zurück.

Ich erzählte ihr von mein­er Lieblings­geschichte “Die Erde und wie alles zusam­men­hängt.” Ihr gefiel die Geschichte genau­so gut wie mir.
and this is the sto­ry I told her:

At the very first Moment

Some called it the One, oth­ers The Every­thing, but most of the time it was called God or Great Spir­it or the Name­less.

It is so big that we can’t imag­ine or under­stand. All the descrip­tion are right and also wrong when we try to make a fixed image. But it can’t be fixed there­fore we will fall into a trap if we attempt to. When we look into the uni­verse, we are con­front­ed with the inde­scrib­able. Sci­en­tists see more of these things that doesn’t fit in our think­ing. Aren’t they the big dream­ers of today? They can’t stop look­ing into the uni­verse with­out long­ing to under­stand it. Although they find things and are able to explain it, they lost the con­nec­tion to us who can’t under­stand the the­o­ries and for­mu­las they are talk­ing of. In their the­o­ries a lot of Greek but also oth­er let­ters are used to cal­cu­late. They call it math­e­mat­i­cal con­stants and I have to hold me back that I don’t start to gig­gle and tell them what kind of proof this should be when nor­mal peo­ple can’t under­stand why this is defined in that way.

But isn’t that arro­gant of me? Shouldn’t I just accept it and look for answers as far as I can under­stand and attempt to describe it in sim­ple words? This is an old rule of mine. If I don’t like what is, I will try to make it dif­fer­ent or bet­ter. I look for oth­er solu­tions.

Let us start with the begin­ning:

I decid­ed to call it The Every­thing because in my eyes it con­sists of every­thing although it is noth­ing at the same time. This is how bal­ance is guar­an­teed. It helped me to find a sto­ry that explains what hap­pened before the Big Bang.

Long, long time ago the Every­thing sat at home and thought and med­i­tat­ed but after anoth­er unbe­liev­able long time the Every­thing thought:

It is incred­i­ble bor­ing to know every­thing. I med­i­tat­ed now for mil­lions and bil­lions of years about every­thing and noth­ing. I know every­thing and noth­ing.

I am look­ing for an adven­ture and I will see how it will be at least with one Uni­verse where I put all I know into it. I will fill my knowl­edge with expe­ri­ences. I will define some rules that will guar­an­tee the progress. All forms will be cre­at­ed out of that design and they will have to for­get about every­thing oth­er­wise the adven­ture isn’t an adven­ture any­more. I will not fore­see and deter­mine how it goes on. The rules will be the frame.”

This was the moment we call The Big Bang. The adven­ture start­ed and it wasn’t just one adven­ture. There were almost uncount­able adven­tures — mil­lions and bil­lions, till today.

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