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It’s raining so I sit in my bed an watch the film “Songcatcher”

I need­ed a while to get the title which I want­ed to know because of the songs which are sung 😀

It plays in the Appalachi­ans Moun­tains where the Euro­pean immi­grants devel­oped an own lan­guage and own songs. That’s on the oth­er side of the con­ti­nent.

I think I need to buy the DVD because the CD does­n’t have all songs on it.

When I switched on the TV an old lady sang a song to a new born baby: “I wish I was a sin­gle girl again”.

ps. I bought all: DVD, Songs and anoth­er CD with sim­i­lar songs from that time.

I am a sin­gle again and there­fore I can go treavel­ling the way I do it now (sleep­ing on very nice couch­es, in a tent, in a back­pack­ers, in motels and go for 6 weeks …

here anoth­er song

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