I heard it in the train leav­ing my home and I had to think that I will be on a lone­ly road next Sun­day. This ver­sion just fas­ci­nates me because of all the irreg­u­lar­i­ties. How touch­ing 🙂

There are oth­er live record­ings on Youtube. What a dif­fi­cult deci­sion which I should use! I have no idea when I will be at the inter­net,  so I pre­pared for you ear­li­er.

I leave Pine Moun­tain on Sun­day going west along the San Andreas Fault to San­ta Bar­bara.

  1. As you might resume, I wrote this arti­cle before I left. I staid a day longer in Pine Moun­tain Club and I will leave it in few hours.

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