after the walk on the 2nd day

we had lunch (just for your information:breakfast and quite most of the meals we pre­pared togeth­er but we had Piz­za and Schnitzel from beef… please be nev­er curi­ous — it tast­ed awful).

The road became rougher and we went to a beau­ti­ful gorge (gorge is geo­log­i­cal built by a riv­er, a canyon is built by pres­sure of tec­ton­ic plate move­ment).

dusty road
dusty road

and here you can see what the pres­sure made:
Beside all, I was always impressed how sim­ply and beau­ti­ful and soft the envi­ro­ment was always chang­ing. As the aussies spoke about it as the “Noth­ing” I did­n’t expect the very ten­der  changes all the time.

And we arrived some­where, far away from every­thing. We slept in a house that was in for­mer days a hos­pi­tal. But many of tourist groups are com­ing day by day I was told. So the first day of was few days lat­er for the own­er of every­thing (shop, house, gas…).

In the morn­ing I looked like a dead per­son. It was too hot and the lit­tle dog from the own­er was­n’t hap­py see­ing me out­side so I went back to bed (Many oth­ers came out at the same time).
I decid­ed to give you this pic instead of one of mine.


Now on the 3rd day we went to a coal mine ‑the biggest in South Aus­tralia. It looked like an open wound. I saw a doc­u­men­ta­tion before and hoped I would­n’t see one but now I had.

Leigh Coal Mine
Leigh Coal Mine

and now we were in the desert… I know it sounds crazy but it was what I want­ed to see. And the tem­per­a­ture reached 50°
desert - the nothing
desert — the noth­ing

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