1 day — 1 night — on the way to the desert

We start­ed going up to Clare Val­ley and as it was always the very first days, ClareValley many things remind­ed meof home. In Castle­maine I met an Aus­tri­an woman who is a friend of a friend of mine.

Now in Clare Val­ley we were at a wine tast­ing of Jesuits. As you might know the Jesuits helps me and my friend with our project in Zam­bia.
WeinkellerWe had our lunch at Mount Remark­able. If we start in Aus­tria with nam­ing moun­tains like that we need to give them num­bers: Yes­ter­day I was at Mount Remark­able 3467, it was great. But it is remark­able that this moun­tain is the rain bor­der. Up to north it is only 200mm rain a year (when it rains) and farm­ing becomes quite impos­si­ble.
We saw the first ruins of farm hous­es.
And also the first abo­rig­i­nal secret place.
male site
At the end I could say that I nev­er felt good at males places and there were more till the end of the jour­ney. The curios­i­ty won but I don’t know if I would go the next time.
In the evening we arrived at Wilpe­na pound. This is a dead vul­cano. I decid­ed to sleep out­side in a swag it is some­how a water­proof matress. Beside all the oth­er ani­mals I could imag­ine, it was fun­ny to be awaked by the hop of a skipy (a wal­la­by — for us Aus­tri­ans a kan­ga­roo). I was­n’t aware that this was we got up late (between 6 and 7). The first group (the ear­li­er ones) went up to over­see the crater. I belonged to the lat­er group and we went into the crater in a nice walk. wilpena pound

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