2014 will be a very special new year

I am not talking a lot in this blog. Although I tell you a lot about me with my poems and photos.
The purpose is that I definitely started to write novels. The first was finished a while ago and after I didn’t find a publisher, I decided to take it as a good practice. I started to rewrite it but then I was caught by a new idea.mg_6508-001

Since August I write it and it is a lot of fun and a more a different journey to myself. Today I I understood that everything makes sense. (As it always does, doesn’t it? Even we can’t see it at the very moment): My mother died last year. I started to write light-footed about books and libraries in my life. My life was so heavy the last years that I didn’t want to be too serious. But I might forgot who I am. While writing I found and I am still finding so interesting things about my hometown, Tirol and finally other pieces of myself, pieces I wasn’t aware of.

Writing is one thing that makes me happy but it needs time. Taking photos is another one which I lost sight of because there wasn’t enough time. I am reorganizing my life and I decided to make big changes that I can focus on the things I love. Travelling and learning is another passion of mine. When I am in a foreign country I love to participate as a couchsurfer to get to know people of the country I visit. Two hosts, 69 and 88 years old were touched by one of my poems and it fits perfectly to my situation. Therefore I decided to blog it again because I dare to live.

I dare

I dare to live
to see the best, to see the worst
and when I am spread in thousand pieces
I grow together
as a new born child
I become richer and more beautiful
braver and stronger
my life allows me to start again
like a small child
who never cares what tomorrow brings
everyone I meet
is a hug for a new beginning
and it doesn’t matter what the day looks like
a new day brings new life
and courage for the next step
it tickles me
like the sun on my nose
then I sneeze cause I am so surprised
I blow my nose as loud as I can
I dare to live

i trau mi

Zum Hineinhören
i trau mi ans leben
ans schene und schiache,
da darf’s mi zerreissn und in alle schtickln fetzn
denn danach wachs i zsammen
wia a neia mensch
und i werd reicher und schener
und mutiger und stärker
s’leben lasst mi von vorn anfangen,
wia a kloans kind,
des nit woass, was kimmt
und jeder, der mia begegnet,
isch a umarmung fia an neianfang
da mag’s no so schiach ausschaun,
a neia tag bring neies lebn
und neien mut fia morgn
und’s kitzelt mi,
wia die sonn in der nasn
und dann nias i vor lauter überraschung
und schneiz mi ganz laut
i trau mi ans lebn.

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