To get an impres­sion where I will be dur­ing the next weeks:
tour I will arrive in Mel­bourne and stay for few days in Castle­maine, leave for Ade­laide and there I will go on a tour for 8 days up to Alice Springs. On the 11th I take the Ghan, the train up to the north and arrive a day lat­er in Dar­win. Few days lat­er I will fly to Perth and take a camper­van and let my fate decide where to go. On the 28th Hobart, Tas­ma­nia will be wait­ing for me and I will stay few days there before I will go back to Mel­bourne and see what will hap­pen. On the 14th March I will arrive in Vien­naet

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will ich hier auch noch einmal sagen. Ohne die ganz vielen lieben Menschen, die mir auf die eine oder andere Weise helfen, dass diese Reise möglich wird. Die vielen Menschen...