Schlagwort: Norwegen

Europa Kurzreisen Norwegen


Schifferlfahren ist Teil der öffentlichen Verkehrssystems in Oslo und so bin ich mit mein­er Wochenkarte herum getingelt.

Europa Kurzreisen Norwegen

Norsk Folkemuseum

Norway’s largest muse­um of cul­tur­al his­to­ry fea­tur­ing the world’s old­est open air muse­um and large indoor col­lec­tions. I learnt that col­or pho­tog­ra­phy is old­er than I thought: Norway 1910 – in Colour: An exhi­bi­tion of the first col­or doc­u­men­ta­tion from Norway, from Albert Kahn’s Archives de la plan­et in Paris. Some parts of Norway reminds me of Tyrol. I had to think that when I was small the straw…

Europa Kurzreisen Norwegen

Oslo — city views

Different impres­sions … on one hand I saw the sol­diers in the morn­ing with THESE guns (you have to know that I am Tyrolean and our sol­diers called: Schützen (shitzen — if you spell it) — fought against Napoleon and when they go through the city, they still have their old guns (and the one in South Tyrol have none because the guns are not allowed in Italy).…